Insect Birthday greeting card

This project called for a clean, fun design of a bug circus, for application in a pop-up greeting card. In addition to the illustration and card design, Jessica Southwick conceptualized the specific aspects of the illustration (ant acrobats, centipede ringleader, spider tightrope walker over his web/net, etc.), and suggested movements for each element. This adorable card combines an unusually wide range of motions and dimensionality for a pop-up greeting card, including:

- A bee shooting out the cannon
- A praying mantis woolly bear tamer, who raises the chair up and down
- A skating daddy longlegs, who jiggles on an accordian fold
- Ant acrobats that teeter and totter, back and forth
- A moth who balances on a bucking rhino beetle
- A bee flying across the sky with a "Happy Birthday!" banner

The card is embellished with glitter and has spot UV.

Art Director: Monika Brandrup-Thomas

© Copyright Up With Paper, LLC
Card prototype photo by Aaron Borchetta

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Insect Birthday pop-up greeting card

Insect Birthday pop-up greeting card

Insect Birthday greeting card cover

Insect Birthday greeting card cover


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