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Engaged Ownership offers approachable materials designed to help family members work harmoniously to grow their family businesses.

The client needed a logo for the EO brand that would harmonize with the existing logo for their separate consulting business. The new logo needed to incorporate the same Venn diagram theme, but have a friendly, more casual tone. And, given that the brand targets family members of family businesses, the idea of family also needed to be conveyed.

The final design uses a trio of friendly heads to represent the Venn diagram. This trio also represents the various individuals within a family unit. Also, within the logo, there is a person reaching out to help folks run their family businesses more effectively.

The color scheme was partially defined by the existing consultancy logo; it utilizes the same shade of navy blue, so that when seen side-by-side, both logos work together as a team. To add energy and to differentiate it from the more corporate consultancy logo, a vibrant shade of salmon red was paired with the navy.

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Engaged Ownership LLC logo. © 2018 Engaged Ownership LLC.

Engaged Ownership LLC logo. © 2018 Engaged Ownership LLC.

Engaged Ownership LLC logo - Friendly helper reaching out detail. © 2018 Engaged Ownership LLC.

Do you see the friendly helper, reaching out? © 2018 Engaged Ownership LLC.