Dubb ‘n Dunk Pet Care logo

Dubb 'n Dunk Pet Care's owner was looking for a new logo to better reflect the business. The logo needed to appeal to a young, intelligent, and savvy population—the type of folks who appreciate attention to detail not only in the care of their pets, but also in how a business presents itself.

My client also wanted to convey that their company provides care for all kinds of animals, from the typical—dogs, cats, birds, and fish—to the more unusual—reptiles, hedgehogs, rodents and more.

Finally, my client asked if there were any way to incorporate a Boston Terrier into the logo, since she is the proud owner of two of these striking pups. (The business is named after them.)

Dubb 'n Dunk Pet Care logo

Dubb ‘n Dunk Pet Care logo

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