The Official Stuff

Jesswick Creative Studio, LLC is a one-person creative services studio. Jessica Southwick, owner and creative, has over fifteen years of experience in design, writing, illustration, lettering design, and marketing. She is also the force of nature behind the S’Wicked blog, which she uses to share her love of stationery, toys, children’s books, illustration, and lettering.

Jessica has provided creative services to a variety of companies, from start-ups to major corporations to nonprofit associations. She has a reputation with her clients for understanding and working within time and budget parameters, and prides herself on her ability to work efficiently and cost-effectively to create the solutions you need.

Jesswick Creative Studio offers a broad suite of graphic design solutions. Whether it’s a logo, identity suite, event design, catalog, or other design project you need completed, Jessica will work with you closely to identify and create the best solution for you and your business.

From Web copy to editorial material to ads and other marketing materials, Jesswick Creative Studio offers writing and editing services to best express what you need to say.

Jessica is also the author of two children’s books: The Mitten—a modern retelling of the classic Ukrainian folk tale (and one of Parents Magazine’s “Best Books of 2014”)—and Barnacle Carnival, both published by Jumping Jack Press.

Jessica’s illustrations can be found on greeting cards and stationery sold around the world. And, her pop-up children’s book, Barnacle Carnival—filled with hilarious details and lots of fun visual surprises—is a big hit with the small fry.

Jessica has studied both traditional and Chinese calligraphy, and has been designing her own letter forms for over twenty years. Most recently, two of her hand-lettered ambigram designs were selected for inclusion in Ambigrams Revealed (Nikita Prokhorov), a collection of ambigram art from around the world.

After studying English and writing at The George Washington University, Jessica continued her education in the intensive MA of Communications Design program at the University of Baltimore. Since receiving her Master’s degree, Jessica has provided creative services to a variety of companies, from start-ups to major corporations to nonprofit associations.

 Whether it’s illustration, graphic design, writing, or lettering you need,
Jesswick Creative Studio offers professional solutions, with an artisan’s attention to detail. 

The Fun Stuff

Jessica lives in a nifty town in Connecticut with her husband, young son, and an ornery cat. She surrounds herself with the things she loves—toys, illustration, beautiful paper, art supplies, calligraphy pens, and more books and stationery than any one person should try to fit under a single roof.

Fun Facts
In her life, Jessica has…

…Driven through a hurricane.
…Backpacked alone through Europe. Several times.
…Haggled over a rug in Morocco.
…Been on a bowling team.
…Roamed the streets of DC, Baltimore, New York, and London alone, at night, like a fool.
…Sung a solo in front of hundreds of people.
…Glided through a cloud—running her fingers through it—a few dozen feet off a cliff face, and a thousand feet in the air.
…Won football pools often enough for it not to be a fluke.
…Won in Texas Hold ‘Em often enough for it not to be a fluke.
…Competed at both national and international levels. Yes, it was in synchronized swimming, and yes, that does count.
…Been in a snowball fight at the Lincoln Memorial.
…Swum hundreds of miles—not all in one go, though.
…Taught kickboxing.
…Gone snorkeling at night, in deep-water, choppy seas.
…Served soup out of a pumpkin at the National Portrait Gallery.
…Attended a birthday party at a carnival. In the pouring rain. In Italy. With horse meat on the menu. (It was quite tasty.)
…Lived in tiny cow towns, and enormous cities; on farms and in high-rises; in apartments and houses.
…Used a wide variety of power tools without major incident. (Knock on wood.)