S’Wanderings: Cape Ann, Massachusetts – Last Words

Posted by on Sep 18, 2013 in S'Wanderings, S'Wicked Blog, Travel
Rockport Harbor

Rockport Harbor

So, I’ve reached the end of what I hope will be the first of many S’Wanderings locales. It was a short trip (I feel like my blog posts took almost as long to put together as the whole trip took to experience). But, Cape Ann was a delight.

I look forward to returning in the not-too-distant future, with a better idea of the lay of the land and which familiar spots I’d like to revisit, as well as which new places I’d like to check out. (I hope to get that whale watch in, too.)

I can recommend Cape Ann with no hesitation as a fantastic destination—be it for a day trip, a long weekend, or a week-long vacation.

The lodging at Bass Rocks Ocean Inn was comfortable and luxurious enough for us to feel a little spoiled. But, it didn’t cross the line of being so fussy we felt awkward in jeans. (This is our yardstick for whether or not a place is right for us; can we wear jeans without feeling screamingly underdressed?)

The people everywhere were friendly. And, the food, the shopping, and the sights were—and are—plentiful, excellent, and well worth the trip.

Gloucester sunrise over the Atlantic

Gloucester sunrise over the Atlantic

A note, if you’re planning a visit to Cape Ann, off-season: some shops and restaurants close during the off-season. How many? I’m not sure. But, it’s probably worth doing a little research beforehand, if you’ll be traveling in the colder months. Though, based on this article by Richard P. Carpenter for Boston.com, it sounds like a great time to go.

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