Termites, dog bites, and wedding rites

Posted by on Sep 3, 2013 in S'Wicked Blog

Sooooo, I’ve been off the radar and unexpectedly blog-silent for a couple of months, now.

It’s been an eventful summer. Maybe even tumultuous. A lot of it wasn’t fun: discovering termites in the basement (we caught them early—phew!) was a definite sour note. Especially since they’d gotten into all my old letters from when I lived overseas (in a time before e-mail was available to the masses). And even more especially since a number of them ended up in my hair. Plus, we’ve muscled through a host of medical distractions, including a minor dog bite and some sort of coughing plague the Widget brought home from school, which stubbornly refuses to quit our household. (Though, I think we’re all nearly out of the woods, now.)

But, some of it was fun. We got our garden up and running, and despite the fact that it didn’t get planted ’til the last week of July, we’re getting some stuff out of it. (I’ll do a whole separate post on “Taj Magarden” at some point.) We put some pictures up on the walls, and continued the unpacking process. Lately, we’ve been sitting on the deck watching the swallows start to stream over our house, as part of their annual migration.

But the very best bit of summer this year was my cousin’s wedding. It was a gorgeous event, and a flat-out happy occasion. (Isn’t it a wonderful thing when two good people get married?)

Here’s to the newlyweds…

The Vassallos

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Vassallo!

And, here’s to a calm, serene autumn, with lots of blogging time and walking in the leaves and pumpkin patching and hot apple cider. Cheers to fall!