2013 National Stationery Show – Going Out with a Booth-Blowout-Bang

Well, the calendar has turned another page—how did that happen?—and it’s time for me to wrap up my NSS coverage.

I learned so much in my first year at the show as a blogger. I plan to apply lessons like “One overnight is not enough,” and “Think you’re taking too many pictures? You’re not; take more,” when I return to the show next year.

But, before I start thinking that far ahead, I’d like to congratulate all the exhibitors, who probably spent the months from January through late May in a whirlwind of production, preparation, procrastination, and, lastly, pre-show panic, before putting their final product on the shelf and greeting their first booth visitor. To all of you: kudos for all of the work, for investing in your amazing products, and for getting it done.

Also deserving of congratulations: all of the family and friends who heard about little else but National Stationery Show and SURTEX for the months leading up to the shows. In particular, a big round of applause to those spouses and siblings and parents and pals who made the (often long) journey out to NYC to help their loved ones set up, survive, and break down the show. Here’s to you, Jen Ross (Brad Woods of Maginating’s sister, who left her family at home and came all the way from Canada to help her brother for one day of the show). Talk about a great sister! And, to you, Sue (mom of Mindy Barancik of Fresh Frances fame). And, to you, Felipe Contreras for helping your sister, Patricia Zapata out at SURTEX. And, Karen Oatman, cheers to you for being Gina Hightower-Martin’s SURTEX booth buddy.

I toast you all (with the help of Ladyfingers Letterpress)…

Ladyfingers Letterpress "A Toast to You" card

Ladyfingers Letterpress “A Toast to You” card

Now, without further ado, here’s one last look at some of the booths visited and people met…

Thank you again, one and all, for being so open to a new blogger perusing your booths and taking pictures. It was a genuine delight to meet every one of you, and I look forward to seeing you again in 2014!