We Now Interrupt This Program – To celebrate the Supreme Court ruling, today

I’m interrupting my NSS coverage to add my voice to the giant “Hooray!” being heard ’round the world, on the momentous occasion of the Supreme Court ruling striking down DOMA as unconstitutional.

In honor of this further step toward genuine equality in our country, here are just a few designs that celebrate marriage for all…

L2 Design’s Collective’s cards are light and fun and happy.

L2 Design Collective grooms and brides cards

L2 Design Collective grooms and brides cards

These lovely cards from The Nic Studio honor two grooms’ and two brides’ special days. (Card photography by Julia Newman.)

The Nic Studio "beautiful day for a wedding" cards

The Nic Studio “beautiful day for a wedding” cards

As seen at the National Stationery Show—a selection of same-sex marriage cards from Fresh Frances.

Fresh Frances husbands and wives cards

Fresh Frances husbands and wives cards

Finally, here’s a gorgeous invitation suite and wedding collateral from wife-and-wife team Morgan Calderini and Arley-Rose Torsone, of Ladyfingers Letterpress. They designed their own wedding identity system, but not before looking around to see what was available to them elsewhere, and finding there were few beautifully-designed options for same-sex couples. In fact, according to their Web site, it was this exploratory search for wedding stationery that put them on the path that lead to Ladyfingers Letterpress. Now, the couple designs stunning stationery and invitations for all sorts of brides and grooms. (Invitation suite photograph by Natalja Kent.)

Ladyfingers Letterpress wedding invitation suite

Ladyfingers Letterpress wedding invitation suite

To read more about Calderini’s and Torsone’s beautiful wedding and see pictures of the event (including more of their design work), visit this post on the “a bicycle built for two” blog, (which features lots of great stories and inspiration from same-gender weddings).

Congratulations (belatedly) to Morgan and Arley-Rose.

And, to all of my friends and family who are members of the LGBT community—I can’t wait to see the invitations!

Please note: the image labels I’ve used are not official product names/titles. For more information on any of the products in my posts, please contact the wonderful people who’ve created them.

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