2013 National Stationery Show – Colors Part III – Aqua

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Every-Popular Aqua

Aqua and turquoise continued to be a favorite shade. There seems to have been a subtle change in hue, though, with lighter aquas shifting from a genuine blue-green toward a more powdery blue territory. All the aquas were fresh, clean, and spirit-lifting, and often were used to brighten palettes seen ’round the show.

Benjamin Paul’s lovely letterpressed jellyfish card is a good example of aqua starting to move into a “bluer” territory.

Benjamin Paul jellyfish card

Benjamin Paul jellyfish card

This hilarious ornament/card from Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress just adds to the outrageousness with unexpected aqua.

Bison Bookbinding's hot tub card/ornament

Bison Bookbinding’s hot tub card/ornament

Sugarcube Press’s DIY Stamp Activity Kit was used to create the pretty aqua tea towel.

Sugarcube Press's DIY Stamp Activity Kit

Sugarcube Press’s DIY Stamp
Activity Kit

Aqua is a really effective background color for this lovely tree design from L2 Design Collective.

L2 Design Collective's tree card

L2 Design Collective’s tree card

This turquoise card was a LOUIE Award winner for Compendium in the category of Friendship/Encouragement (Humorous) – $3.50 & Below.

Compendium social media card

Compendium social media card

Mr. Boddington’s Studio has a nifty line of bookplates, many of which incorporate the new, bluer aqua hues, including this happy stork-themed design.

Mr. Boddington's Studio's stork bookplate

Mr. Boddington’s Studio’s stork bookplate

This die-cut, letterpressed, holiday card from Night Owl Paper Goods, is just plain pretty in shades of turquoise.

Night Owl Paper Goods' holiday card

Night Owl Paper Goods’ holiday card

That wraps up the three major bright/saturated color themes I found at the show (though, pinks, true oranges, and sunny yellows also abounded). Stay tuned for the news on neutrals…

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