What a show!

Well, really two shows. Three? Meh–who’s counting? It was all so fabulous, it blended together in a ball of pure eye-candy happiness and awesome-sauce.

Yes, I am back from a crazy whirlwind (36 hours from door-to-door) of National Stationery Show, Surtex, and the 25th Anniversary LOUIE Awards. (I also peeked at the new Creative & Lifestyle Arts show, which makes it an official total of four big, fun, glorious destinations covered in a day and a half.)

I have to get all of my pictures, thoughts, notes, and business cards in order. (I think I have enough blog material to write for months about the shows and the gala, and I have to a figure out a good way to condense everything, so you have the best of the best of the best.)

I’ll start posting lots of juicy stuff, tomorrow.

For now, though, I leave you with this sneak peek: