NSS becomes even more of an adventure

As I started typing this, I realized that twelve hours from now, I’ll be on the road in what hopefully won’t be a fruitless attempt to get to NSS.

Many of you know there was a frightening and traumatic train crash here in Connecticut, last night. I feel so sorry for the injured, and yes, so fortunate not to have been on the train.

From a purely logistical point of view, this adds a whole new layer of adventure to my trip down to NSS. Will I be able to avoid crazy commencement traffic in New Haven, by leaving before the sun rises? Will my 13-year-old car make it to Stamford? Will I find a parking spot once I get there? And, will I be able to get my hands on a ticket — and the seat that goes with it — once I’m parked?

And, if the answer to any of the above is “No-sir-ee,” then the biggest question of all is: “Will I actually make it to the NSS and the LOUIEs?”

Well, if I do, here are just a few of the companies and folks I’m looking forward to visiting at the show:

1canoe2, Booth 1965
9th Letter Press, Booth 1754
Belle & Union, Booth 1853
Box Play for Kids, Booth 1353
Chewing the Cud, Booth 1931
Eeboo, Booth 2821
Elum, Booth 2833
Farewell Paperie, Booth 2158
Katharine Watson, Booth 1942
Ladies of Letterpress, 2374
Maginating, Booth 2062
Sideshow Press, Booth 1852
Studio on Fire, Booth 3080
Up With Paper, LLC (of course), Booth 2912…

…and so many, many more!

Patricia Zapata, My Little Hut, Booth 664
Gina Hightower Marin, Gina Martin Design, Booth 359
Courtney Davis, Booths 507 and 509…

…and, anyone else I may stumble across (hopefully, not literally — I imagine my feet will go numb, at some point).

May the stationery fairies smile upon me, tomorrow, and get me to the shows, so I can share some of the delicious eye candy, here!